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For The Javan Gibbons And Beyond!

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Yayasan Konservasi Ekosistem Alam Nusantara

Integrating human dimensions into conservation practices and to bridging the knowledge gaps.

Yayasan Konservasi Ekosistem Alam Nusantara (KIARA) is a registered charitable organization in Indonesia (AHU – 0016632.AH.01.04). 

To protect the Javan gibbons, we shared our mission with Javan Gibbon Research and Conservation Project (JGRCP), and to safeguard the rainforest as its habitat, we develop a holistic approach through:

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Shop For A Cause

Our products are not only to spread words about the forgotten small ape from Java, but are also a small reminder of a way you’ve made a difference: 100% of the proceeds from your purchase are going to the forest-edge community who live side by side with the Javan Gibbons and endangered wildlife.

Reusable Masks

Keep the pollution away, reduce the single-use mask waste, and promote the gibbons as forest dwellers!

Wooden Puzzles

Play and learn to get close with different gibbon species through this wooden puzzle. perfect for kids and families.


The storybooks as communication tools to translate science, inspired by our field research activities.

Ecoprint Products

Eco-friendly products made by our partner: Ambu Halimun - the women's group from Citalahab Sentral Village

Our Power In Number

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research scholarships

For undergraduate students from Indonesia to conduct research about Javan Gibbons’ ecology and prepare them as the next generation of conservationists

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Internship Students

To have field experience and learning together with our field team in Gibbons monitoring. 

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We’ve provided an opportunity for people from all backgrounds from citizen scientists, nature enthusiasts, and students to bring science widely for public.

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