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Conservation Education

Connect The Future Generations With Nature And Wildlife

Conservation Class

Since 2018 we have been conducting a regular conservation class for elementary school students led by our local coordinator and volunteers. A regular class was held at two elementary schools (SDN Malasari 3 and SDN Rimba Kencana), targetting 5th to 6th graders.

However, The pandemic in 2020 forced us to adapt and broaden the horizon to work online conservation classes for the public widely.

Citizen science Program

The citizen science program through bioblitz event is our annual event to reconnect the young generation with nature, especially in the urban area. During the bioblitz program, we explore and document our surrounding by using the iNaturalist app. The program was started in 2018 by a Bioblitz event at Bogor Botanical garden and keeps continuing until today in various places with more collaborators, from elementary school to university students. 

We also joined a 2021 home river bioblitz – a global event to raise awareness about the importance of local rivers and collect biodiversity data voluntarily. 


International Gibbon Day is a global event that celebrates every October 24th to raise awareness about one of our closest relatives and get more people into conservation. For three years in a row, we did an on-site campaign, and in 2020, we adapted with the pandemic condition to the online campaign.


Empathy, consistency, and building local champions are our three principles for our conservation education program. We will not stop until the public remembers the Javan gibbons and more young generations take action to protect the last small ape from Java.

A jingle made by Pelangi (10 yo) after our online conservation class to encourage others to protect the Javan gibbons.